WORKSHOP: HR 101 for Small & Medium Businesses

On February 2, 2015, Launch Lab in partnership with Queen’s University and Innovation Park, are hosting an HR 101 workshop instructed by Jayne Cogswell.

As a small – medium sized business owner – you have the overwhelming task of building your business. Before you open the doors – the challenges that you might encounter with your human capital can be setting you up for disaster.  You’ve hired engineers, lawyers, accountants but…how will you handle the demands placed upon your business by having EMPLOYEES.  Many times, situations occur because a business owner simply ‘doesn’t know what they don’t know’ when it comes to their staff. If you have more than ONE employee in your company – you have requirements by law from a Human Resources point of view.

 Jayne Cogswell, a virtual Human Resources Advisor from the GTA will take you through some key elements to consider before you hire – and what to do to ensure best performance, once you’ve hired your employee (s).  Jayne’s work is designed to provide the on call/on site support every small business needs without the overhead of an HR Manager. Her 20 plus years of experience will demonstrate why lawyers are not needed to prevent or address common Employer-Employee issues.

 Please join us for an informal day of discussions around Employment Agreements, Performance Management, Employment Standards requirements, Health and Safety – and just about any other HR-related topic you would like to throw in the mix. You will walk away with a gift certificate for an hour of free consulting with Jayne, and information that will raise your awareness of unavoidable requirements for your small-medium sized business.

About Jayne Cogswell:  Virtual Human Resources. Virtually Anywhere. Supporting your small business with practical, professional Human Resources services. Performance Management, Attendance Management, Health and Safety, Employee Handbooks – some of my services to support your employees. Available for projects, or ongoing ad hoc HR activity.

If interested, please register here.