Wonton Crunch

Wonton Crunch is Expanding Into National and International Markets

Wonton Crunch are a producer and distributor of wontons. Wontons made by Wonton Crunch use all local ingredients, are noodle-based and can be immediately deep-fried from frozen in just two minutes. It’s self-designed, patented machine cuts, fills, folds and wraps the wonton to produce a thousand wontons an hour. Currently, Wonton Crunch distributes across Ontario but is moving quickly to expand beyond provincial boundaries to address growing national and international demand.

Launching Success

wonton crunch
Primraj “Prim” Lutchmansingh, founder of Wonton Crunch is a serial entrepreneur who has previously owned businesses in the food sector and computer software industry. Wonton Crunch is Prim’s 11th and most current venture which started in 2013. Prim has 35 years of experience making Wontons. His son Dean is currently the CEO.

Wonton Crunch made a successful debut on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Prim and his family were selected from thousands of applicants to pitch their wonton business. They received lots of positive exposure. Prim began getting phone calls from interested distributors, retailers and consumers from all over the country starting the next day.

wonton crunch on dragons' den

Prim and his son were adamant about the support services Southeastern Ontario had to offer for their growing business. Prim originally was unaware of the government funded initiatives implemented to support entrepreneurs.  “We were drowning,” described Prim. “When we started the business was small, but as we grew we needed more resources and information on where to go, who to talk to.  The day I came to Valley Heartland and talked to Susan Fournier, that changed everything.” As the relationship matured, Kingston-based Launch Lab was brought in to assist the fledgling wonton business.

“Launch Lab has been a wealth of information…and a driving success for our business. They really took our idea from a hope and a dream to something real,” said Prim Lutchmansingh, Founder of Wonton Crunch.

wonton crunch

At one point in time, Wonton Crunch had difficulty keeping up with the demand. Due to an increase in
orders, Prim developed a second machine. His fully-automated, proprietary wonton producing machine
has an improved design boasting a production rate of 1 wonton per second.

Wonton Crunch is located at the Gallipeau Centre in Smith’s Falls which is the location of a regional food hub.

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