Treasure Chest Social Classifieds Launching Soon!

We are excited to announce that one of our clients, Treasure Chest Social Classifieds, will be launching soon! From the TSCS website:

The natural evolution of FREE Online Classifieds is coming very soon. And its very, very social.

We are launching Treasure Chest Social Classifieds™ with a lofty objective: to radically transform the current online classified industry in look and functionality and more in tune with current and emerging trends & techonologies. We also wanted to create a new disruptive model focused on the consumer and how they can interact, share and experience online & mobile classifieds, not just locally but all over the world.

Everyone seems to use classifieds but no one seems to be satisfied with the current experience, and we want to change that. Those 1990s-style bulletin board classifieds sites, unsafe and full of spam, are a thing of the past. We are going to radically flip this industry on its head by putting the focus back on the consumers. We are going to redefine this category by making it truly social and we want you to join in this revolution.

In the coming weeks, through innovation, not imitation, Treasure Chest Social Classifieds™ is going to show the world what that exciting evolution looks like. We think you’re gonna love it!!!

We recently spoke with CEO and founder George Borovec and asked him about his experience working with Launch Lab.

Q: How has your RIC helped Treasure Chest Social Classifieds?
A: From day one Launch Lab started to connect the dots (introductions to the right people, connections in the development world, etc). Plugging into a group of experienced professionals who understand that space and the go-to-market strategy has been invaluable. Through the Eastern Ontario network, Launch Lab introduced me to Save It Like Sully, utilizing Invest Ottawa as a partner to help improve my presentation skills. Having professional head shots via Launch Lab to improve the overall look of my personal branding, which extends to my business, has also been a great step. Having someone to talk to during the roller coaster ride of start-up life has been amazing. Networking is huge.

Q: What are some outcomes so far, or some upcoming milestones?
A: We are one month away from development completion for all platforms minus smartphone and tablet. We are launching beta in a month with a possibility of 4 partners. We want to get into GrindSpaceXL at Invest Ottawa for further collaboration. We will complete the smartphone and tablet apps by end of 4th quarter and our official launch on all platforms (website, Samsung smart TV app, social network apps, smartphone and tablet apps) is targeted as January/February 2014. We hope to have anywhere from 5 to 15+ official launch partners. By end of 2014, we wish to have 250 worldwide partners.

Client testimonial:

“It is my firm belief that without the assistance of Launch Lab and all the people who work within Launch Lab that Treasure Chest Social Classifieds would never have made it as far as we have and this close to successfully launching our start-up. If there’s anybody looking to start any sort of online venture, I cannot stress enough to visit the folks at Launch Lab (or any other regional innovation centre in Ontario) first.”