Scent Trunk

Scent Trunk is Changing the Fragrance Industry

Scent Trunk is revolutionizing the way people shop for fragrances. The subscription-based service offers monthly deliveries of premium sample-sized scents to the customer’s door. It differentiates itself from other brands by generating a personalized scent profile through an interactive online survey of interests and qualities.

Launching Success

scent trunk

Scent Trunk was started by two friends, Richard and William in their final semester of college when they discovered how little fragrance companies spend on their ingredients compared to how much they charge their customers. Richard, William and their team of grads from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario are changing the fragrance industry.

Scent Trunk works directly with artisan, independent perfumers and luxury brands.  It uses analytics to match your scent profile to an extensive list of perfumers from around the world. Each month Scent Trunk will send a customer handpicked niche fragrances. Rating and reviewing each box improves the curation of samples.

scent trunk

Scent Trunk made a successful debut on CBC’s Dragons’ Den spin off Next Gen Den. William Yin was selected from thousands of applicants to pitch his, at the time, men’s cologne service. Being on the show enabled William to perfect his pitch. Since then he has pitched to several other investors. Having participated in the GrindSpaceXL program, an intensive 12-week startup accelerator, Scent Trunk had the opportunity to work with different organizations.

“We found great value in how strong the Launch Lab network was, their willingness to sit down and help us out, and introductions to people that could help our business grow,” said William Yin, Co-Founder of Scent Trunk.

scent trunk

It’s co-founders  recently moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to be part of one of the best startup accelerators in the United States known as the Brandery Startup Accelerator. Scent Trunk received $50,000 in funding! The money will be used to help the business scale faster.

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