Roger Bowes


As a Business Advisor, Roger works closely with your company to identify opportunities for development and expansion. Roger will guide your company’s entrepreneurial endeavours and help determine the proper “game plan” for your business.

He will address areas such as:

  • Competitive market analysis
  • Business plan and strategic planning reviews
  • Customer identification and product evaluation
  • Market entry strategies
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Accelerated growth
  • Expansion into global markets

Roger grew up and went to high school in Peterborough Ontario where he tinkered with electronics and computers.  He attended Queen’s University in Kingston graduating with an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering in 1992.  While at Queen’s, and for a brief period after, he worked at lab assisting with research into micro-seismic monitoring as it related to underground mining.

In 1993 former members of this research lab formed ESG Solutions ( in Kingston to provide micro-seismic monitoring equipment and services for industrial applications.  In 1994 Roger was brought into the company and became one of the major shareholders along with the other founders.  With virtually no capital and only a handful of employees it was a textbook boot-strap start-up.

At ESG Roger began to design and build the proprietary vibration sensors, electronic data acquisition systems that the company sold.  Specialized software to pin-point the locations and map micro-seismic events was also developed.  Seismologists could then process and interpret the data collected to give customers valuable insight into their operations.

Roger earned his Professional Engineering designation in 1998 and as the company grew began to take on more management responsibilities, overseeing engineering and manufacturing operations.

From 2004 to 2010 Roger took on the role of CEO and helped propel the company through an accelerated growth phase.  During his tenure, the company went from less than 20 to over 60 employees, achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification, expanded into new international markets (oil, gas, CO2 sequestration, civil) and established branch offices in Calgary, the US and China.

Roger is currently looking for opportunities to get involved in new business ventures.

Outside work he enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 year old daughter and competes in the Canadian Touring Car series ( in his race prepared Acura Integra.