OneMRKT Social E-commerce Platform Launch

For Immediate Release 

OneMRKT is a first to market Canadian, innovative, social e-commerce platform that connects manufacturers to independent direct-sellers and connects the independent direct sellers to end-users.

For manufacturers and small businesses, OneMRKT eliminates the traditional high distribution costs by providing access to a network of direct sellers to promote their products and expand their market.

For direct sellers, OneMRKT provides the training and support to drive sales and foster success in a peer-to-peer social market.  Direct sellers are provided with access to a variety of high-quality products and an online storefront where they can sell their products ranging from health, beauty, fitness, nutrition, pet products and much more!

OneMRKT provides direct sellers across Canada with the tools they need to create their own financial independence from home – with no buy-ins or subscription fees.

OneMRKT is launching their website, on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

OneMRKT is a Canadian-owned company, with co-founders from Halifax, Nova Scotia and Kingston, Ontario.

Online marketing specialists have been anticipating the next breakthrough in direct sales – OneMRKT is that breakthrough and is ready to show North America the future of social e-commerce.

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