Lanark County

The Lanark region is made up of the counties of Lanark and North Leeds which include the towns of Carleton Place, Mississipi Mills, Perth, and Smiths Falls. If you are a business in any of these areas with an innovative idea or technology, intellectual property, a product that you’re ready to commercialize, or a business that you’re ready to scale up, please reach out to us to see if our resources are a good fit for you.

Launch Lab is connected to the local community. Our goal of growing local technology based companies and bringing innovative ideas to market is only made possible by our local network. Your business grows by connecting with local business partners, investors, service firms, educational institutions, research facilities and governments. Entrepreneurs don’t work in isolation; neither do we. Connect with people. Connect with ideas. Connect with thought leaders.

When you engage with Launch Lab, we will engage with the appropriate partners to bring you the power of the community. We will help you expand your network. Perhaps it is a connection with the local educational institution to do product testing or extended R&D. Maybe it is an introduction to a new partner, supplier, or a new customer. It might be with a peer so you can simply share ideas in a setting like our peer to peer group engagement.

Engage with our experts and our community. We are better together.


Here is a list of resources in your community you can access for additional help: