Interactive Ontario Live Streamed Events for Interactive Digital Media Companies

Wondering how to access specialized financing for IDM? Find out how IDM production companies are combining funding options from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

The first session:

To bring this fascinating ecosystem to life, Amanda Hutteri of BDC, Amesika Baeta of EDC and Tanya Lahiri of RBC will be sharing case studies for both early stage companies and more mature ones. Moderated by Mark Edwards of Edwards PC, Creative Law, this is a must-attend / must-watch event for any IDM producer looking to grow their business; whether you’re still looking forward to revenue or already established with business deals inside and outside of Canada!

The second session:

“Every connection a creator has with their audience is a unique connection.” By understanding the value of this one-to-one relationship and mobilizing the invaluable data to be obtained by every single one of these connections, interactive creators can do a better job locating fans and retaining them. At the same time, by understanding that the means of making these connections is itself intelligent — unlike radio waves or paper, our digital connections are mediated via artificial intelligences, algorithms, and other processes — creators can target the most potentially valuable points of contact and make them count.

Join Interactive Ontrario either in-person or via our YouTube live-stream for this inspiring discussion on building and maintaining audience communities that count.