GreenCentre IHC4 SME Competition

Good chemistry is a critical component of most commercial innovation. Chemistry makes everything we do possible; our clothes, food, transportation and information are directly enabled by the chemistry industry, making it the largest manufacturing industry in the world. It is either at the core of a new discovery, a critical component of a new market solution, or a means to improve an existing product or process. Furthermore, by developing solutions that can directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions or consequently enable other technologies that do so, good chemistry has the potential to have a significant impact on climate change while also creating economic benefits.

Through the IHC4 Competition, GreenCentre accepts applications from innovators and entrepreneurs developing technologies that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Finalists will be invited to present their technology, business case, and potential project in a lively and interactive competitive style to a panel of experts. They will be competing for the opportunity to access GreenCentre’s services and expertise to complete a development project, at no cost to the client. This initiative provides GreenCentre with yet another avenue to continue supporting small-to- medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), researchers, and entrepreneurs looking to develop, de-risk, and scale up chemistry and materials-based innovations that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and counter climate change.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing economic prosperity and social well-being is not a trivial exercise. These innovations and advancements can:

• Reduce the amount of energy required to use a product

• Reduce the amount of energy used in an industrial process or facility

• Reduce the number or amounts of required inputs or waste outputs generated during production

• Enable the technical application and economic commercialization of a related innovation

• Enable changes to business models or processes that eliminate or reduce transport requirements

GreenCentre is uniquely positioned to deploy its resources, network of relationships and expertise to aggressively accelerate the commercialization and scale up of early stage technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and support CleanTech innovation and job creation. In so doing, GreenCentre will advance an innovation-driven, knowledge-based economy that leverages Ontario’s entrepreneurial spirit, technological skills and expertise, and provides a strong and reliable career path for Canadian scientists and science-based entrepreneurs.

Specifically, GreenCentre offers sector-focused chemistry technology development, intellectual property assessment, business development, and commercial services including but not limited to:

Concept Development Services

• product sample testing

• additional technology consulting/assessment services

• administrative support (e.g. MTAs and chemical shipping)

Proof of Concept and Market Analysis

• laboratory proof-of-concept

• patentability analysis

• expanded consulting services and technical/business/network support

• business model development and market analysis

• employee safety training safety program development

Product Process Development Services

• provisional patent application filing (Canada and US)

• laboratory product development

• business development

• capital planning

Product/Process Launch Services

• IP Strategic support (freedom to operate analysis, patent prosecution management)

• scale-up manufacturing

• application benchmarking

• customer testing (through GreenCentre network)

• funding development and grant writing support

Some services (particularly non-chemistry related business services) may also be offered in tandem with services available from other partners in the region.

Applicant Eligibility
The IHC4 Competition was created to provide development support to SMEs and entrepreneurs currently registered to do business in Ontario. Applicants can be an SME or an entrepreneur currently conducting research in Ontario.

GreenCentre will assess each applicant/technology based on the following criteria:

• Potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or enable technologies that counter climate change

• Strength of Business Plan

• Technology strength and potential technology disruptiveness

• Current management team

• Potential benefits to Ontario (such as job creation potential and leveraged investment


• Potential impact of GreenCentre contributions

• Potential Market Opportunity

• Commercial viability of intellectual property position

Selected finalists will be invited to present their technology, development needs and business case to a panel of experts in Toronto during the last week of October 2016.

Application Requirements

• Summary presentation

• Business plan

• Explanation of potential greenhouse gas emissions reduction

• Brief project outline

o Major challenges to be addressed

o Project milestones and timeline

o Targeted outcomes including metrics

• Benefits to Ontario, e.g. job creation potential

Competition Dates
February 1, 2017 – applications open
March 29, 2017 – applications due
Week of May 29, 2017 – finalist presentations to InnovationHouse panel

How to Apply
The IHC4 Competition application is available through GreenCentre’s InnovationHouse,