Emry Tommasini


Emry graduated in 2019 from Queen’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature with a Minor in Philosophy. In early 2020 she started “Emry’s Bookshelf”, a place to share her passion for literature online and showcase her online portfolio.

In September 2020, she began working with Launch Lab through the DMS Future Proof program as a Copywriter while simultaneously completing the Professional Editing Standards Certificate through the Queen’s University Faculty of Education. 

Once the program was finished, Emry gained experience working for a small marketing agency and further expanded her knowledge of SEO-oriented copywriting on all online channels and marketing in various industries. She now specializes in content marketing which focuses on writing, editing and developing effective content on social media, website, email and more. 

In April 2022, Emry re-joined Launch Lab to provide her expertise to the Digital Lead Generators program.

Contact: [email protected]