Employment Opportunity – HRIR Satellite

From HRIR Satellite:

“My company HRIR Satellite Inc, which distributes different products is not particularly worthy of a SaaS application by itself, but our Employee satisfaction Survey System has been constructed specifically for this purpose.

For that reason, I will be spinning the ESSS into a separate company owned 100% by HRIR Satellite Inc. I am doing this to allow it to develop under the leadership of a young, ambitious entrepreneur with of course support from myself and other more seasoned business veterans.

It will be the responsibility of this individual to grow this business and the reward will be a small base salary and a reward of up to 20% ownership of Newco subject to the achievement of progressively increasing milestones. I expect revenues to reach $1,000,000.00 per annum within 5 years of the appointment. Tentatively that will produce the 20% ownership.

The ideal candidate will possess a university or college diploma in computer science with interest in human resources. He/she will be highly energetic; very strong work ethic; creative; ambitious. The person is preferably in his/her mid to late 20’s in order to concurrently apply for funding support and mentoring services such as L Spark or Grindspace. I can amend ownership criteria to fit relevant programmes for funding.

The ESSS is largely market ready and I am in the final stage of building the front end of the administration menu to purchase access online using Paypal.”

For additional information, please contact John Platz directly:

John Platz
Platz & Associates, Inc.
HRIR Satellite Inc.
B 1-888-677-0177 ex. 326
C 1-519-766-3622
[email protected]