Embedded Executive Program

Our partners at the Business Acceleration Program (BAP) have launched another round of the Embedded Executive Funding Program!

The Embedded Executive Funding Program will provide Ontario-based technology ventures with up to $50,000 (including costs of HST) to enable them to engage a C-level or senior executive to work within the company for 6-months. The venture will also be required to contribute $15,000 cash (or 30% of the amount requested) towards the candidate’s payment over the contact period.

This fiscal year, ~20 tech ventures across Ontario will be funded through this program. Applications will close on January 5th 2015, and all applications must be referred by a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC).

If you have any questions regarding the program, venture eligibility, application requirements, or candidate requirements please visit the program page at ask us as your local RIC, or contact the Business Acceleration Program at [email protected]