DiscoverXL is a program designed for very early stage ventures to validate your business concept. The program is delivered in two full-day workshops, spaced about a month apart and will cover such topics as defining and discovering who your customer is, developing a value proposition, finding or designing a product prototype and estimating your market opportunity.

Some of our DiscoverXL companies have gone on to complete GrindspaceXL and are operating successful businesses today! Below is a list with a company bio for this years participants.

BizSkills Academy

BizSkills Academy is a virtual entrepreneurship training and new venture creation platform for students studying in tertiary education and training institutions in Africa and the developing part of the world. In the long-term, we also want to develop entrepreneurial training products for elementary schools.  The goal of BizSkills Academy is to be the catalyst for creating a new community of student entrepreneurs, empowering academic institutions to produce more students who are job creators than job seekers in saturated labour markets.

Bear Cloud Games

Though mobile gaming has a mass market appeal, Bear Cloud  Games will initially target kids and young adults who make up a larger portion of the mobile gaming market. Advertising will target these markets through social media (Reddit, Facebook, etc). However, we hope to expand this market as much as possible, as we feel that there is no reason that our current projects would not appeal to older audiences.

We hope to solve many of the problems that smart phone users have with mobile games such as inundating users with too many ads, as well as punishing wait times and microtransactions. As well, we want to create less casual mobile games that appeal to players looking for competitive experiences. Aside from mobile games we are also developing virtual reality projects that are easily accessible and fun to play.

JIC Design

Two Software Applications:

  1. eLearning school board student sharing registration system. This is current used by the Ontario eLearning Consortium, consisting of over 20 school boards in Ontario. The system facilitates student sharing amongst school boards. It maintains user management, school management, course management, course registration, reporting, student marks and student progress.
  2. Dual credit registration system. This is currently in phase 2 of a pilot supported by School College Work Initiative and is used by 3-4 colleges and 15 school boards in Ontario. It facilitates dual credit registration amongst colleges and school boards similar to the first piece application.

Previous to this system, school boards wanting to share students needed to file paper applications, fax them to the offering school board’s representative who then had to pass it on to the school. We have digitalized this. Now we are working on digitalizing the Dual credit registration process for colleges and school boards across Ontario.

Both software applications are assisting in the facilitation on student data sharing. These systems protect student data unless certain requirements are met, whereby a college or school board could then gain access to that student and the student’s school representatives.

Monetta Technologies

We are developing a meeting management software that uses voice recognition technology to automate your meeting minutes and provide your team with a document repository and productivity data on your meetings. This is a software automatically takes notes for you by listening in on your meeting and provides you with statistical data on how productivity your team is being during meetings.

The problem of meeting documentation and ultimately unproductive meetings in general are experienced by all professionals. We are starting by solving the issue of meeting documentation by leveraging speech-to-text technology to make note-taking a seamless experience. Our early adopters are small-to-medium sized technology companies due to the high density of agile and goal-oriented teams that would benefit from having a way to document their meetings without taking their focus away from the matter at hand. However, the potential market is massive as all knowledge workers have meetings and would be susceptible to our product. Later on in our roadmap – once we produce robust productivity data that is statiscally backed – we will be able to target top level management in

companies by giving them a way to measure the productivity of their company meetings and make better data-driven decisions to cut resource waste linked to unproductive meetings. We have gotten very positive feedback on the idea and concept that we have been working with.

Red Alert Housing

Red Alert Housing is the online platform where the landlord get reviewed by the tenant. The review process empowers the tenant to stand up for his rights in order to get better housing facilities. Vice versa, the tenant develops his rental score by the landlord. This rental score is further utilized by the other landlords while recruiting their next tenants. RAH redefines the landlord-tenant relationship in a fresh and accountable way.

Phoenix Armour

Flexible rifle-defeating body armour, vehicle armour, and armour for buildings created from advanced composite materials and manufacturing systems that out-perform any armour currently available.

Cera Paint

CeraPaint is a ceramic insulating radiant reflective coating applied to all types of paints and varnishes for exterior and interior applications applied on a variety of surfaces. It is used as a thermal insulation for homes, factories, storage halls, tanks, cryogenic tanks, gas tanks, transmission lines, ships, and so much more

CeraPaint insulating paint is completely inert and can be mixed into ANY paint, coating or composite including interior house paint, exterior house paint, roof paint, solvent base coating, epoxy, urethane, high temperature paint, elastomerics, etc. The addition of the ceramic spheres to any material provides improved fire resistance, protection of coated surfaces from harmful UV rays, increased durability of the coating plus paint with CeraPaint is easier to clean and lasts longer.

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