News Looking For Software Developer

MyValue Change Agents (operating as is a product research and development company applying our expertise to create innovative solutions and sharing our knowledge with clie#nt companies as part of our associated services.

Our research and development activities have generated several products such as a mobile kiosk including IoT technology combined to a cloud-based SaaS platform integrating Artificial Intelligence for text analytics, sentiment analysis applied to human social behaviors, organizational network analysis and business intelligence reporting.

We are actively looking for a software developer or architect to join our software development team. We are seeking teammates to take on an incredibly stimulating challenge around an advanced telecommunication-related development project involving orchestration of dynamic resource allocation and 5G Network Slicing in a highly virtualized environment.

The project involves developing bleeding-edge software and mathematical models that will enable control and monitoring of resource allocation algorithms in the context of a virtualize networking infrastructure.

We are looking for dynamic, creative, collaborative wizards with knowledge and experience in:
o Dynamic Resource Allocation and Management principles such those used as in an Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), etc.
o Telecommunication: Optical, WAN/LAN and wireless
o Big data: Numerical and statistical analysis
o Analytics: Machine-learning algorithms
o Microservice Architecture, Message Bus, Java, Python, REST API, JSON, GIT
o Nice to have: R, MATLAB, Linux, Kafka, Maven, and Gradle
o Mathematic or Computer software-related Undergraduate, Masters or PhD degree

Due to our growing activities in the Ottawa region, we are looking to create a core software development team in the Ottawa region or in the Kingston region where most of our team is established. We will work in tandem remotely, in Ottawa or Kingston where we use a shared office space under the auspices of Queen’s Start-up Runway at the Seaway Coworking space. Numerous other entrepreneurial ventures and Launch Lab that share the space provide a stimulating and supportive network with whom we interact frequently.

To apply, please send your résumé to [email protected]

And click here to download the PDF job posting.