Launch Lab’s Amplify program accelerates and scales innovative Eastern Ontario companies selling into both business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) markets regional, nationally or internationally.

Slightly different from our standard Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) program, Amplify is a program where EIRs nominate clients that show signs of rapid growth potential, have the ability to commit to a greater amount of work with Launch Lab, and have team members that will implement recommendations and strategic initiatives.

As an intensive, personalized program, participants work with Launch Lab’s EIRs to create a tailored and actionable growth plan, designed to address specific growth challenges.

To be chosen, clients must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Currently generating revenue
  • Have an opportunity to grow their business and create additional employment
  • Agree to complete work assignments on time and continuously show progress towards hitting growth goals
  • Set the execution plan in motion and continue to execute the action plan beyond the completion of the Amplify program

Program Details:

  • Program runs for 6 months. There is a two hour face-to-face session each month typically at the client location. In addition to the monthly sessions there is often email or phone call communication and document sharing throughout each month to support the implementation strategy. There are actions assigned each month which need to be completed/executed prior to reviewing the results at the following monthly meeting.

Program Completion:

Following the six-month program clients have the following options:

a) Continue to operate on their own using the tools and general learnings that they have learned through the Amplify program

b) Request an Amplify one-time follow up meeting (90 days in) as a ‘check-in’ to review progress and respond to any pressing strategic or tactical challenges

c) Request details concerning our other two “for-fee” follow-on options, which are: request the Amplify EIR(s) to participate in Quarterly Business Reviews or request an additional six-month engagement.

Who to Contact:

For more information on the Launch Lab Amplify program, please contact Scott Runte ([email protected]) or Garrett Elliott ([email protected]) or simply reach out to us by phone at 343-276-0023.

Read some of our recent Amplify clients’ success stories here: Dandelion Foods and Sweatergang Companions.