Sweatergang Companions – Amplify Client

Sweatergang Companions was established in 2013 by Christine Wilson, who was inspired to provide seniors with friendship, proper care, mental stimulation, and an overall improved quality of life. Formed around the principle that companionship is just as important to the well-being of seniors as personal care services are, Sweatergang Companions is passionate about reducing social isolation amongst seniors and improving their quality of life. Sweatergang Companions does this by taking the time to listen to seniors’ stories and genuinely take an interest in and create positive change in their daily lives.

“Being a Launch Lab Amplify client has been an extremely positive experience for me and the extended team. They have helped us understand what it takes to remain efficient, profitable and capable of meeting expectations,” stated Wilson. “Among many other business practices, the Amplify program has also taught us to streamline and optimize the way we operate.”

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