Altranex Becomes Advonex International

Advonex International to Expand Product Line to Address Broader Markets

September 19, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kingston, ON – Advonex International, formerly Altranex Corporation, a producer of sustainable hydrocarbons, has rebranded and is addressing new markets. The company’s rebranding reflects its continued focus on renewable hydrocarbons while expanding its presence beyond lubricant base oils into hydrocarbons for a broader range of global markets.

The company’s lubricating base oil, Entrada™-BASE, has been demonstrated to be superior in performance to petroleum-derived base oils.

Key Components of Rebranding Initiative:

• Branding – As Advonex International moves into a significant growth period, the bold look is part of its transformation as the company increases awareness, appeals to new markets and broadens its reach.

• Logo – The new brand identity conveys the company’s strong, distinctive value proposition.

• Tagline – The new tagline, “Our Science. Our Business. Better World.” reflects Advonex International’s commitment to deliver products that provide significant benefits to its customers and create a more sustainable world.

• Website – The new website incorporates the look and feel of the new Advonex International brand and serves as an informational resource for businesses who are looking to replace petroleum-based products.

• Marketing – Look for Advonex International to expand its marketing with trade shows, speaking engagements and media outreach to be announced in the near future.

“Recent developments at Advonex International have opened up opportunities for plant-derived waxes, emollients and mineral oils targeted at the cosmetics and personal care space.” said Chad Joshi, CEO of Advonex International. “Consumers have long sought cosmetics that are neither animal- nor petroleum-based. Advonex International can deliver organic, renewable ingredients for use in lipstick, deodorants, skin lotions and other personal care products.”

“Wax coatings are used on products from paper cups to floors & decks where they can be released into the environment. A bio-based replacement wax would reduce the environmental impact of these applications.”

Advonex International’s new website,, provides more details about product offerings.

About Advonex International

Advonex International, an innovator in the bio-chemicals industry, produces hydrocarbons from biological feedstock through its patented processes. These renewable hydrocarbons enable high-performance lubricants, organic, renewable cosmetics and lotions by replacing petroleum-based ingredients with better-performing renewable components. Our Science. Your Business. Better World.

Advonex International Corporation
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